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After the Russian Revolution, the church was turned into a museum of atheism.Most icons were lost, only a few ended up in the collection of a local art museum.The church was built by General Ivan Gannibal in the aftermath of the Russo-Turkish war and Russia's annexation of New Russia.It was intended as a memorial to the war of conquest and is full of symbolism illustrating Russia's claims to the Byzantine heritage.They were raised and educated this way; they have preserved old-school family values.These women have strong traditional family values; happy and harmonious family with children means much more than career and business in a heart of a Ukrainian woman. During the USSR times people were working so hard for the raise of their country and nation, so they have developed a deep respect and love to their families and that special time they had together after long working days.These women have another type of beauty than you can see in their local counterparts.

And Ukrainian women correspond to these requirements better than any women of other nations. The church was reopened by the invading Germans in 1941, only to be shut down by the Soviets in 1962.The building was used as a facility for log storage. I am of single Ukrainian ladies, who is looking for love. I am intelligent, cheerful, understanding and patient. I`m a very kind person, and I like to do something good.That is why, nowadays, when the country is in political and economical crisis Ukrainian women stick to their families and treasure the inner peace within their homes.

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