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They replaced her with a crazy lady who physically attacked another Korean Teacher just because she was jealous and had a crush on the director (who is married). They do not think of teachers as people but as objects or goods. Don't think that you are going to get it lucky unless you are a male and a gyopo. BTW, this all happened in August 2016-August 2017, if you're curious.While the attack occurred, two of the three males at the campus huddled in the corner telling the lady being punched to get away from the crazy lady and come towards them. Sept 4, 2017 PM The owner started this hakwon 7-8 years ago.Paychecks are only partial for most employees, and you have to beg for the rest. He also insisted to all teachers they arrive earlier than their scheduled shift that was agreed upon in the contract. The man sometimes verbally abuses people by speaking negatively to his wife or female employees.

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She was told because she didn't tell them 2 months in advance she was leaving once her contract ended they needed to extend it by 3 additional months.We are only able to go to the doctor on Saturday because it is not allowed to take off for an hour to go.She was told by the doctor after 2 weeks of pneumonia that she would have to be hospitalized for 1-2 weeks if she did not take the week off.Obviously just to make sure that everything was in order and for assurance.I should have got a hint that something was off when the boss agreed but gave a funny face and asked why I need such a thing... A week later I received nothing, so I emailed a reminder to the academy asking for a copy of the contract.She also told us that he had asked her if she needed to be replaced.

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