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So despite some minor quibbles, this is a very accomplished album and one that shows Flynn well on his way to becoming the UK’s next great folk troubadour.

Hailing from Germany, Quadro Nuevo has built a career assimilating musical influences from around the globe.

But the best indicator of Flynn’s more focused songwriting is "Einstein’s Idea", a lullaby written by Flynn for his young son.These aphorisms are accompanied by silky, disturbing, comforting drawings from Heather Frise.This mixture of prose, visual beauty, ,strangeness, and serious academic discussions of the narrative form clashing with touching personal recollections and just simple humor (especially in the Aphorisms) makes for a distinct reading experience.The play between the mortal and the eternal, the universal and personal -- Flynn makes this exchange between father and son resonate as an easy and natural thought.That said, the biggest danger Flynn faces is the heavy-handedness of his lyrics.While it's not unjustified to call them a jazz group, they've elevated their sound exploring the worlds of Argentinian tango, Austrian classical traditions, Indian raga, and Romanian folk customs, among others.

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