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The following year, Hederstrom gave up piloting to become a full-time instructor.

The facility, which opened in July 2016, cost 75-million euros and is 110,000 square feet spread across five floors. CSMART is the only maritime training facility in the world that has full bridge and four full engine room simulators -- the most complex and advanced ever built.But ever-increasing numbers of ships (101 at the last count), and brands (10) meant the demand for courses grew, and a decision was made that the facility needed to move to a much bigger dedicated site.CSMART is based just outside of Amsterdam in Almere (which means "dune" in Dutch). and Italy but decided on The Netherlands because of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport's excellent worldwide connectivity -- and because most officers are from Europe.It sits beside a lake, in rolling sand dunes and on a warm summer's day could even pass for a South Florida beach. Or at least it was in the older facility, but now that there are so many crew members to train, it's become tricky to squeeze in non-Carnival lines.It comprises the main training facility and a hotel, for exclusive crew use. But as Hederstrom says: "There is no competition when it comes to safety," so space depending, the new facility could also train other cruise line crew members.There are also four engine room simulators, located directly below the bridge simulators.

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