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Lacking a conference for most of the school’s history, Notre Dame’s 206-straight sellout games are all the more impressive.

The Buckeyes have resided in this infamous stadium since 1922, and the “Horseshoe,” as it’s so aptly called based on its shape, has a ferocious reputation.

On top of that, the Tide have rolled at this stadium, which boasts a capacity of 101,821, since 1929. Although that number doesn’t seem large compared to many of the other stadiums in college football, based on the overwhelming fan support, noise factor, and unrivaled ambience, there’s nothing quite like the feel at Camp Randall Stadium.Said former Badger, David Gilreath, back in 2006: “You get a sense of what college football is supposed to be like as far as the fans. That was one of the main factors of saying I’m going to Wisconsin — the stadium.” The Texas A&M Aggies have played at Kyle Field since 1905, and it remains one of the greatest home-field advantages in all of college football.Dubbed “Death Valley,” the Tigers have called the place home since 1942, and according to the university, have won over 71% of the games they’ve played on the field. If you’re threatened by 80,000-plus fans rocking orange gear and backing their squad with the force of a small army, we suggest steering clear of Death Valley. You can’t talk about great college football venues and not include Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium. Despite differing from these other stadiums in this list in that it wasn’t built by or for a specific university, some of the best players in FBS history have stepped foot on the legendary field, making it a classic.

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