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As per stricter Village of Lake Delton housing and zoning regulations, Greenheart will accept Wisconsin Dells, WI and Lake Delton, WI placements only with arranged housing.

The Department of State prohibits J-1 Summer Work Travel participants from working: Host organizations are required to notify Greenheart when their participants arrive, do not arrive, leave before their DS-2019 end date, there are any changes in the job conditions and about any emergency situations.

Seasonal: Employment is of a seasonal nature when the required service is tied to a certain time of year by an event or pattern and requires labor levels above and beyond existing worker levels.

J-1 SWT host organizations should generally not hire for all three (summer, winter and spring) seasons, as the intention is that placements are only with businesses that have a seasonal need, so as not to displace Americans.

Conditional Placements In: Placements for full program options in the Gulf Cost Areas of Louisiana, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle (Panama City and Destin) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To be considered by Greenheart, host organizations in these areas must provide excellent housing and extensive cultural activities for the SWT participants.

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No positions for any program option are allowed in the areas of Williston, Dickinson, Watford City, New Town, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Though exceptions have been made in the past, self-placed and full program option placements in Detroit, Michigan are generally prohibited.

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