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The company is widely credited with creating the reality television genre with its hit series The Real World.

Full Picture also produces Style Studio, Mind Body Balance and Pursuit of Health for MSN Entertainment.As part of the winner’s prize package, an editorial feature on the victorious designer will run in an upcoming issue of Marie Claire magazine, and he/she will strut away with a cash prize of 0,000 from L’Oreal Paris to start a fashion line and a trip to Paris furnished by Evian.The Season 6 Project Runway designers are: Althea Harper, 24 - Hometown: Dayton, OH; Resides in Brooklyn, NY Ari Fish, 26 - Hometown/Resides in Kansas City, MO For more information about the Season Six designers, visit An old friend from work tagged me on Facebook for a music meme.I'm pretty in love with my MP3 so I actually did this one. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem when I hear this song) (hey - I just found out this was also written by Shel Silverstein - thanks Wikipedia!Lifetime has released the names of the 16 contestants who'll be competing in the sixth season of the show, which finally debuts on that network Aug. "PR" will have a new "companion" series, "Models of the Runway." Because if the world needed one thing, it was another reality show about models.

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