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After her experience as a student trainer, she studied athletic training at the University of Richmond.Part of her education involved hands-on experience with several sports programs. “Originally I thought I wanted to be a collegiate athletic trainer, but I did some internships at high schools and loved it. Upon graduation, she faced the decision of grad school or taking a job with a high school.“It concerns me when it’s not a priority for schools [to have a trainer] because it forces the coaches who are not health care professionals to make decisions they shouldn’t have to make.” Parents may be scared when a child is injured, but the presence of a trainer as a medical professional provides protection and peace of mind.“Campbell County Schools have had athletic trainers since the mid-90s, which is pretty advanced because there are several single-A schools that still don’t have one,” she noted. “I fear that sometimes schools may wait until there’s a catastrophic injury before putting an athletic trainer in place.” She explained that just such a situation happened in Virginia a few years ago: a football player died.March is National Athletic Training Month, and with this year’s theme, “Our protection is your priority,” athletic trainers want to be sure you have the proper protective gear for your head and face as you participate in sports." data-medium-file=" w=168&h=210" data-large-file=" w=819" class="wp-image-100310999 image--no-bleed " src=" w=168&h=210" alt="" width="168" height="210" srcset=" w=168&h=210 168w, w=336&h=420 336w, w=240&h=300 240w" sizes="(max-width: 168px) 100vw, 168px" / Many injuries to the face and head – ranging from concussion to bruise, laceration, broken nose and eye or tooth injury – can be serious, and proper protection, whether mandated or recommended should be taken seriously.If you’re unsure about what protective gear you need for your sport, consult with your athletic trainer, equipment manager and coach.

And while some of the public may not fully understand the role of or appreciate the importance of the trainer for school sports, Emerson faithfully carries out her mission.

Michele Chemidlin - x3920Atanes Meronuli - x3920 ************************************************************************************************************************* SPORTS PHYSICALS ARE ONLY VALID FOR 365 DAYS. If you need a physical for the winter sports season and cannot see your own physician before October 23, 2017, please plan on attending on your assigned day.

*The section below details the medical paperwork you are supposed to submit. Physicals are reserved for athletes that do not have a primary care physician or have a physical expiring between October 23, 2017 and the start of the winter sports season, November 6, 2017 for Ice Hockey and Swimming; November 15, 2017 for Bowling; November 19, 2017 for Girls/Boys Basketball, Fencing, Wrestling, Winter Cheerleading and Girls/Boys Winter Track.

Jeff Shields and Larry Cooper from the PATS join Michael Parks of radio station WHP 510, Harrisburg, for a discussion regarding "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS" Podcast link Pennsylvania Cable News (PCN presents "A Consumer’s Guide to the Management and Care of Concussion in Sport" Read More in the Announcement Section Weight Assessors Workshops Sunday October 8, 2017 PM - PM Wilson High School (Football Stadium ATR) 2601 Grandview Blvd West Lawn, PA 19609 or Saturday October 21, 2017 AM - AM Penn Trafford High School 3381 Route 130 Harrison City, PA 15636 flyer CPRS Physical Therapy is honored to present: Rethinking how we manage low back pain: A postural approach to muscle re-education Speaker: Nate Nester, MS, LAT, ATC, PES Application has been made for 2 EBP CEUs Cost: .00 RSVP to: [email protected] November 14th, 2017 Time: Refreshments/ Lecture Location: CPRS Physical Therapy (102 N.

How many youth grow up planning a career as an athletic trainer?

She opted for the job at Altavista High School and has been pleased with her decision ever since.

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