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'I've said to Kieran - you need to go way for two months.

Katie then asked him for advice on Kieran's alleged addiction to sex - something that she has struggled with since she married him in 2013.A spokesperson for Kieran previously told Mail Online that the divorce is definitely still happening, but Katie is busy the moment due to her mum being diagnosed with an incurable lung condition.It seemed Katie may be having second thoughts about her acrimonious split after she hinted she would forgive her cheating spouse during the latest date on her public speaking tour in Swindon on Saturday.If he’s not working towards his recovery, he’s working towards his addiction.' Russell deduced that 'as long as Katie's propping him up, he wont be getting help'. While we reluctantly say goodbye to summer and put our first toe tentatively into autumn, we've got our eyes peeled for seasonal warm weather gear.He said: 'He has to admit you are the other component and as a society we need to stop propping them up. Providing us (and you) with all the inspiration we need this week is Russell Brand...Katie's parents, Alison and Paul, were not present but Paul's parents, Steve and Sharon Rough, walked into court arm-in-arm.

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