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#EBOBMEETSBEYONCE ---------------------------------------------------- God Bless you Ebony!

Long before the days of email and Face Time and Skype, people who lived long distances away from each other actually sent handwritten letters to keep their long-distance friends posted on life developments. But inevitably, these relationships would go strong for a time and then fade out.

Once members have initiated a chat and they desire to progress to the next step, they can swap phone numbers and continue their relationship Face Time style.” Finally, video-chatting has become another archetypal step in relationships, like second base, meeting the parents, and moving in.

What’s more, Visual Friend promises to help find your soul mate.

For the next version of Face Time that works over 3G, Apple and its carrier partners will need to decide how those calls are billed -- as minutes toward voice calling, as data toward monthly data caps, or both, or something entirely different.

For now, go nuts with Face Time, and don't worry about eating up your voice minutes.

A few days after the hashtag went viral, Beyoncé surprised Banks with a Face Time phone call.

Say hello to Visual Friend, a new and free Internet dating service that brings “singles, Face Time, and your i Phone 4 all together in one fantastic, engaging place.”Visual Friend is essentially a curated version of Chatroulette, where i Phone 4 users can connect face-to-face though Face Time, Apple’s new video calling app.

Members create profiles, search for lovers, meet in chat rooms, and then “decide whether or not [they] want to pursue the relationship further by exchanging [their] numbers.

"The voice call ends as soon as the Face Time call connects," Apple tells us.

"The Face Time call is over Wi-Fi so does not use carrier minutes." This wasn't immediately obvious because Face Time calls can be initiated from within voice calls, and one possibility would have been for Apple to keep the voice call running in the background (but muted to the participants) in case the video chat dropped or someone's wi-fi signal went out.

Facetime Theatre is a strong supporter of the need for and the value of performing arts education.

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