Meta dll finished updating


Wild times in the Sitecore world, as the release of v8.2 is has brought a load of new features.One I’m particularly pleased about is that there is now an official Nu Get feed for your Sitecore references.[NB: As pointed out by Matthew Dresser in the comments below, this is the feed URL for 2015 versions of Visual Studio and Nu Get v3.If you’re using an older 2012 version you need this url instead for v2 of Nu Get: file for solutions you plan to use hosted builds for.(See my previous post about hosted builds for details of modifying that file) When you look at the packages in that feed, there are quite a few.Sitecore have built a tree-like structure that goes from top level “meta packages” down to individual DLL packages. It has versions for 7.2.x and 8.x.x – there are no 7.5.x packages as Sitecore have previously said that 7.5 isn’t getting long term support.

So once you’ve added the right settings to Visual Studio / to be able to resolve theses packages, what do you need to do to a solution to make use of the feed?

If you look closely at the descriptions of each package, they tell you what they don’t include – so you can get hints about what you might have to handle yourself from within the Nu Get feed dialog.

For example, the package for folder and reference them by making your own private package, or whatever other way suits your solution best.

You’ll need to provide your own source for the TDS and Fake DB License file Nu Get packages if you want to build it, however.

(As I have them in a private feed) See my previous two posts on feeds for info about doing that.

All the other assemblies which are required to actually execute code will be available when you deploy – since they’re in your website’s folder.

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