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The Roman Catholic Church's role in Mexican history goes back to 1519.

Article 5 prohibited the establishment of religious orders.

In 1990 Protestants or evangelicals composed 16 percent of the population in Chiapas, 15 percent in Tabasco, 14 percent in Campeche, and 12 percent in Quintana Roo.

Yet a significant evangelical presence also has appeared in several other areas, including the states of Veracruz and Mxico, where more than 20 percent of all Protestants or evangelicals live.

Liberals, who also were federalist and favored free competition, were highly concerned that the Roman Catholic Church, by owning between one-quarter and one-half of the land and by controlling most schools, hospitals, and charitable institutions, was practically a state within the Mexican state.

Between 1833 and the early 1840s, the Mexican government produced various pieces of legislation to limit the power of the church.

That dropped to 92.6 percent of the population in the 1980 census and to 89.7 percent in 1990.

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