Miley cyrus avan jogia dating details


Chyna appears to want Nicki’s life because not only is she stealing Nicki’s LOOK, (in a low rent kind of way,) but she just recorded a raunchy song and hopes to go from stripper to rapper. We’ve been eagerly waiting for Steven Seagal’s name to come up linked to sexual assault, and Juliana Margulies did it!Super-creepy Seagal, 65, has always been comparable to Harvey Weinstein in his methods – he invited actresses to his hotel room for “auditions” and greeted them in a bathrobe!She only turned 18 today, but Miley Cyrus is clearly growing up fast.The former Disney star was caught sprawled over the bar of Hollywood club Trousdale at 2am yesterday, with her new boyfriend pressed on top of her, seemingly kissing or biting her neck.He saw the floodgates opening and rightly assumed that he would soon be in big trouble.

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Miley was at the club for a post American Music Awards/ pre 18th birthday party and she pretty much partied till she dropped. Miley and Avan were first linked together back in October when they were spotted heading out to lunch together and later attending a Halloween party.Once she arrives at a nightclub, the teen singer caresses her chest while she gropes older men on the dance floor. NOW we all know why Charlie Sheen has been SO quiet during the eye-opening Harvey Weinstein scandal!It’s difficult to decide who is more despicable – Charlie Sheen or Harvey Weinstein – but both are FINALLY getting what they deserve.Click HERE for more about Charlie Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Chloe Moretz, 20, can barely contain that little smile because she and Brooklyn Beckham, 18, are back together, after splitting up last year.It looks like their families are blending nicely and Jennifer has met her match!

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