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In return, he will help me run my business and, he says, boost my turnover massively.

When the small talk is over, Alex tells me of his master plan which, admittedly, is brilliant in its simplicity - to build a pipeline in Afghanistan so that he can 'get some oil out and be rich'.

He writes to tell me that he is riddled with arthritis and walks with the aid of two sticks, but 'let me reassure you that my lack of mobility in no way affects my performance in the bedroom'.

Most of the British-based men who contact me are aged 25 to 35 and aren't attractive enough to be employed as a rich woman's arm candy.

Then there is Kevin, a toothless roofer from Pontefract, who writes: 'I knows how to treet a lady rite and if you pick me you wont be disserpointed.' Oh, Kevin, I think I will.

Not forgetting Ian from Newport who, at 54, is surely too old to qualify as a sugar baby.

He is careful not to mention my extreme wealth - at least not at first.

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