Military guys dating Jazmain sex chat

I was happy to get to talk to him when i could, for as long as i could. Also, what's the deal with military guys wanting to just have sex? My brother has always warned me about dating military men especially Marines because he says they are just dogs---and my brother is a Marine fear is the numberone reason for not getting involved witha military guy!

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Yes, it would be heart wrenching to always wonder if he will be injured or killed in chance circumstance.

this is our profession, and yes it is a way of life because it is so demanding......

problem is that most military guys have trouble expressing there feelings.

when we are together he acts like im the best thing ever and when im not around its way different.

He lives in Oceanside and I live about an hour and a half away.

There are women out there like that but it is a real challenge to find one. They like reassurance that they still maintain their man's interest and that pretty much works across the board with most although there are rare females out there who do not require emotional stroking as much. And of course, as someone did mention, the stress of military life on any relationship can cause a lot of heartache in the "cheating" department and it would be difficult to establish that trust when it is known that many in the military do tend to "grab what they find" as it is easier for them to cover up.

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