Minimum dating age


My parents were intelligent, well-educated and hard-working, yet they lived paycheck to paycheck.When I was 13, they divorced, then my mom struggled to raise three kids, often relying on free lunch tickets and food stamps.A couple years later, I started my own successful dog-training school. I learned it was critical to reduce my exposure to toxic people. Money ranks as the first most argued topic for many couples.It has been estimated that an astounding 80% of divorces are the result of money disagreements.

I learned to be resourceful and to do whatever it took to survive.

My choice to form a family through adoption rather than pregnancy was a decision I made when I was an idealistic teenager.

(The way I figured it, why “make my own” child when there are countless orphans dying for a family already?

) Since I planned to adopt, my biological time clock wasn’t a ticking time bomb.

When I was 30, I decided to achieve financial freedom before adopting our daughter because I didn’t want to repeat our parent’s experiences.

As a young adult, I dropped out of college and spent the next couple of years drifting from one minimum wage job to another, paying more attention to the boys I was dating than to my financial future.

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