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They want to know if you’re married or dating anyone seriously.

If the answer is no, they want to know why you aren’t dating that nice young man in the Admissions office who seems to be your age and hey—he is black too!

Currently there is only some million a year in trade between Georgia and Israel, compared to million before the 2008 war with Russia.

One of the most promising bilateral areas, he said, was tourism, as Israelis – both backpackers and business people – are discovering Georgia, a nation he boasted has nine different climatic zones, is three times the size of Israel and has the highest mountains – and some of the finest wines – in Europe.

I’ve had people ask me to co-teach new courses with them, but when I ask them to share their syllabi from past courses, they somehow never receive my email.

While Georgia cannot stop others from speculating about the culprits, “we cannot say prematurely who did this,” he added.

I’ve had people invite me to their homes only to get me in a private space where they could comfortably ask/say inappropriate things about my personal life and my scholarship.

I’ve been backed into many corners and had no choice but to get out of it by swinging. I am learning how to detect these situations before they come to ahead.

Then they want to know if you plan to have kids and because your silence is not response enough, they proceed to give you advice on when to have your kids in relation to your tenure clock.

When holidays arise they want to know where you are going, with whom you are eating, and why you consistently refuse their invitations.

Even with that snag, Israel and Georgia had very good relations during the last decade, but those ties deteriorated considerably when two Israeli businessmen – Roni Fuchs and Ze’ev Frenkel – were arrested in December 2010, and jailed in April 2011 on charges of bribery.

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