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Victims are duped into performing sex acts on webcam before blackmailers threaten to send the video to their friends and family on social media.One former scammer revealed how he and three others used images of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa (pictured) without her knowledge as a way of tricking victims They are then paying up to 10,000 dirham (£800) in return for the clip to be destroyed, according to an investigation by The Sun's reporter Robin Perrie who interviewed a man from Oued Zem who was involved in the scam for two years before being jailed.

According to National Crime Agency Statistics, the number of Britons reporting cases of sextortion has rocketed by nearly a thousand from 385 in 2015 to 1,245 in 2016.

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In November, police said young professionals were increasingly being targeted in a rising tide of attacks by online 'sextortion' blackmail gangs.

Overseas criminals were said to be using 'honey traps' to entice affluent businessmen and promising young male students to commit compromising acts on webcams.

“Here comes the bride, there goes the neighborhood” — in little tiny pieces. But if they did, it’d be by blasting the floor with an AK on full automatic. Put a 7.62mm round through the candidate of their choice. So if you’re going to start killing Pushtuns every time they fire an AK, you may as well wipe out the whole tribe. The USAF had another hit comedy last month, when a small plane crossed the no-fly zone over the White House.

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