Ms access calculated field not updating


It will also retrieve any changes (but not additions or deletions) to any records shown in the current form.

Any calculations on the form (unbound fields) are recalculated. You do not lose your position in the form (you stay on the current record).

Now, when the records are sync'ed back in MS Access, all fields where it is left blank comes as #Error. If I use the expression "" in the IF THEN ELSE formula, it is a text-null and MS Access does not like it.Likewise any records that have been deleted will disappear.Requery essentially "re-runs the query" that pulled the data into the form in the first place.(Problem 1 was resolved in that fix also.) That is great advice regarding the Subroutines.One thing to be said about self-teaching is that it is a never-ending learning experience! I was looking at more from Share Point Calculated Column Formula to fix this. For now, I will hunt for Share Point forums to post this topic.

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