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Regardless of what camera model you buy or how it’s set up when you buy it, it’s imperative that you protect it with a strong password.To make one that’s strong and hard to guess, watch our short, straight-talking video.

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Every place that people think is sacred and private in their home is being accessed.

If only the plants at Conn had the whole “magical properties” thing going on for them, too… It also reminds us of the Hogwarts History of Magic course, which requires students to memorize important names, dates and historical events.

Princeton University is known for its excellent program in history; it was named the best in the country by U. We’re betting Princeton students and Hogwarts students have the same vindictive feelings towards flashcards.

The music, being emitted by the internet-enabled nanny cam, stopped when the baby’s parents went into the room to investigate. KTTC didn’t detail how the Foscam camera was protected but older models are protected only by a default password.

A few hours later, the parents accessed the device and found that it had turned away from the wall. The wireless cam was possessed – by the spirit of whoever hijacked the IP device to spy on a baby.

There’s no denying that Hogwarts is pretty, well, magical: Mysterious characters roam its beautiful grounds, and students get to take super interesting classes (no Psych 101, here! Sure, Hogwarts classes don’t exist in real life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the next best thing.

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