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It’s been a long time since i updated this article and a lot has changed in Kigali’s late night scene since way back in 2010.

Bars have closed (no more La Classe and Downtown), New Cadillac has burned down (word on the street is that missionaries and evil satanic club-goers had a spiritual face-off in the bar, shooting fireballs from each others eyes which then caused the place to burn down – and yes, that’s actually a story I heard), new bars and clubs have opened, and once popular places have become a lot more quiet (are there still concerts at White Horse?

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Thor was the home of a computer with a very important IP address, one that Tarbell and his FBI colleagues had discovered back in New York—the hidden server for a vast online criminal enterprise called Silk Road.One of the complaints I get about this site fairly often is that I don’t list live music venues and events.The problem is that I don’t really know many places that have live music on a regular basis so, please, fill me in!If you know of bands playing somewhat regularly at a place, let me know so I can add it to this list. If I end up at a nightclub it’s probably because I’m very drunk.In the meantime, check my events calendar for not-so-regular performances at places like Heaven (open mic night) and other random spots around town. Which means that the details are usually pretty foggy.Keep your eyes and ears out for flyers, posters, gossip or just wait for a friend to make a Facebook event and invite you and you’ll probably be able to find a party each weekend – big or small, birthdays, going aways, just-for-the-hell-of-its… If you host or attend a house party, keep your stuff safe.

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