Neighbor and dating

People have been singing the praises of dating those nearby since long before Judy Garland sang its praises in her famous ballad, “The Boy Next Door” in “Meet Me In St.

Louis.” Although it can have the potential downfall of many inevitable awkward moments if things don’t work out, the benefits of dating your neighbor far outweigh the risks.

You risk returning home to find your neighbor and now ex-paramour waiting for you outside your apartment door, railing that they never want to see you again.

Here’s a preview of what will happen if things end on a sour note with your neighbor: It’s midnight on a Saturday and you’re crawling the hallways of your apartment building like a burglar. You try to duck behind a doorway but it’s too late – you’ve been spotted.

They don’t say a word, but you know what they’re thinking — 'Uh, what happened there? Sure, you may say that you’re going to take it slow, but are you really going to send your new boyfriend or girlfriend next door away when they come knocking on your door wanting to watch the Picture this: It’s Saturday night and you don’t have any plans, so you decide to take a stroll around the block in your moth-eaten sweatpants.

Then you see the neighbor you just hooked up with, his or her arms are draped over a model or actor type with no holes in their pants. What happens when your neighbor’s friend sees you out on a date?

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While it may seem small, the ease of merging your lives together across the hall is much easier than doing so when you have to come together across the city.

If you and a co-worker have a nasty break, going to work and seeing that person on a daily basis becomes awkward, if not painful.

If you and your neighbor break up, you’re still likely to run into that person frequently, making hanging around at home less desirable.

This ease can be yet another blessing that can come into your life from the simply choice to give dating your neighbor a chance.

While there are advantages to dating someone who lives within such close proximity, a certain amount of risk is involved.

When you are dating the person who lives next door, you can go visit when you get home at night even if it’s just to unwind or vent about the day.

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