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For macro or gross imaging applications using the new motorized PAXcam system with hands-free operation, CLICK HERE.

For a more traditional, manually operated PAXcam macrozoom inspection and documentation system, CLICK HERE.

Our easy-to-use workflow is quick, secure, and expandable to many needs within the lab.

Features include: PAXcam makes welding measurements easy, with our integrated PAX-it weld-imaging software.

Features include: PAXcam can be used for measurements on the live preview image, or on captured and stored images.

It's your easy-to-use answer for microscopic and gross photos used in tumor boards, reports, and for archiving special cases.Both systems integrate into PAX-it software and have uniquely designed features you won’t find anywhere else.MIS offers excellent ongoing support to thousands of PAXcam and PAX-it users.Use the integrated PAX-it software to document and archive special projects, to produce presentations, for shared live viewing of samples, and much more.Features include: Leading Aerospace companies use PAXcam to produce high resolution images for documentation, measurement, and analysis.Features include: PAXcam microscope camera produces high resolution images for documentation, measurement, and image analysis.

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