Norton not updating


This seemed to reinstall NIS ok, but not the latest version, so I ran liveupdate and it downloaded about 22 of the available updates then said "failed to complete".

It installed most of those updates and once again said "failed to complete", but it got to the point of saying a patch was available, so I applied the patch.

And lots of users have already started upgrading their Windows 7 and 8 to the New Free Upgrade to the Win 10.

But what about the compatibility of the old programs. Mostly all antiviruses companies have already prepared for this new update in the market.

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So although I had a failed update - it did complete later. Perhaps the Norton Server, perhaps a glitch in the update, perhaps a hiccup on my system or with my ISP.Norton Antivirus is one of the most widely installed computer security products on the market.If you have Norton installed on your computer, it can be manually updated by using the Live Update feature of the program or by manually downloading updated computer virus definitions from the Symantec website.In desperation, I uninstalled NIS this time using the Norton Removal Tool (instead of the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool), then reinstalled it by downloading it from my Norton account.I had to physically remove the licence before I could do this as I had already used the 3 allowable licences and the Norton Removal Tool didn't remove the licence for me as part of the uninstall (why can't you make things work properly, Norton? And yes, before anyone asks, I used the Norton Removal Tool 3 times before reinstalling NIS.Though company has scheduled for the automatic update to apply this patch but that will take time. If you have already upgraded to the new OS or planning to upgrade then you can apply this patch manually.

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