Ocs presence not updating


It may be related to email address configuration but still researching how this can be fixed.Other people are also reporting this issue in the Lync forums at Microsoft Technet.The aforementioned change between OC 20 R2 is the default behavior is now to force a secure connection to the XML file, limiting the option to only accessing the file via HTTPS.This is fine when you want the same custom states to be available for multiple users across all workstations, but for simply adding the additional states to a single primary workstation for yourself using a local file is the best approach.Other alternative may be used to provide access to this file for all clients in a specific deployment, so this approach is just one way to do so; it is not the only method.Also by placing the file on a Lync Server that the clients already have access to the issues for trusted certificates for HTTPS and any authentication required to access the data are already addressed.Because Lync follows the same default behavior of forcing HTTPS then in order to use a local XML file this behavior will need to be disabled, which will be addressed in the next section.

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It is important to place the file on a server that both internal and external Lync client can resolve and connect to as Lync does not use separate parameters for internal or external customer presence URLs.Additionally editing registry setting on individual computers is not scalable so normally Group Policy would be used to handle this.But Lync Server 2010 contains a client policy setting to provide the path of the custom presence file to the client via in-band provisioning.I am using the Lync 2013 client for a while now and noticed that the Presence does not update based on Calendar infomation.Starting the Lync 2010 client gets the correct Calendar Presence right away without any problems.Basically the same configuration steps are used as what Office Communicator 2007 R2 required, since a change to the default security behavior was added after the 2007 (R1) client which prevented the use of non HTTPS connections to the configuration file.

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