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Certainly, I was not about to plant myself at the bar at Bonefish as I had seen so many other women my age do.

Typically they were wearing leopard-skin tank tops and leggings with stiletto heels as they picked at their bang-bang shrimp appetizer while sipping a cosmo, trying to catch the eye of any man who appeared to be there alone.

But now, with the kaleidoscopic array of dating apps at our finger tips, the lines between what does and does not constitute cheating have blurred.

A swipe here, a message there — these are the acts that lead to dates, dalliances and, sometimes, deep, meaningful relationships.

On my 26th wedding anniversary, my husband stood up from the table where we sat with our dear friends all in various stages of inebriation, pulled me from my chair and put his arms around me. I could have served time for manslaughter and been free by now!

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Here I am looking thoughtful, yet with an air of naughtiness. Most of us were asking ourselves, “Am I really ready for a relationship now? There is that excitement and dread as you wait at the bar, hoping your date will look something like his picture. I still remember a date with a handsome man, where we sat at the bar talking and mid-sentence, he leaned into me and kissed me deeply. With seven kids between us and enough baggage to fill all the overheads in a 747, we have found each other in a world where men and women are scurrying around like kids on the first day of summer, where the days stretch out endlessly and they don’t know what to do first.But, in the age of casual, label-free dating, what does it mean when the person you're dating is still swiping on online dating apps?Executive assistant Mandy found out that the man she had been dating was still using Bumble through subtle changes she had noticed in his profile.There is that moment of sheer happiness when you find you two actually click. It’s great for a while, but eventually you get bored and wish your parents had signed you up for summer camp so you would have some place to be with other kids around you and a semblance of an ordered life. Maybe at this point in life marriage is not the goal. Time is now a treasured asset, something to be valued and made the most of.I feel lucky to be able to move forward with a man I can call my truest friend.The problem was I had no idea how to go about finding this man.

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