Online dating powerpoint presentations

The slides were cute and cheeky and featured three venue options Ben considered to be “splendid.” However, his prospective date did not share the sentiment, and instead blocked him on Whats App — the chat application Ben was using to set up the date.

Following the fiasco, Ben took to Twitter to express his feelings, receiving lots of positive feedback from commenters — some even offering their hands in marriage.

Chances are you’ve got a close friend who’s a total catch and looking for love, but just can’t seem to find the right match.

As their friend, you know how awesome they are and want everyone else to know it too. Matchmakers who really want to go for it will create a Powerpoint presentation about their friend.

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We tracked down Krista, who explained the rationale behind her approach to online dating.

Such a wonderful option can be applied by matrimonial agencies.

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Ben, meanwhile, seems to have bounced back pretty well, concluding that he “obviously dodged a bullet” by not having the date.

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