Options for updating kitchen cabinets enfp men dating


So, as we were in my office, we pulled up Costco on line and clicked on the link to "All Wood Cabinetry". I said to my friend, "I can't pick cabinets from Costco, what will me guys say?" They will say, "you are the smartest guy around because you have better value, better pricing and better features than what your getting from your contact with the "other" cabinet company". When they say "ALL WOOD", they really mean ALL WOOD. Only ALL WOOD, dove tail construction, 3/4" shelves (ilo 1/2" shelves), slow close doors and drawers AND, GET THIS, their drawers in their base cabinets are 4" deep, BONUS (unexpected). Once I was interested enough to make a call to All Wood Cabinetry, I got on the phone with ANABEL.ANABEL even made sure I added two more studs to the length of the wall I was building to be sure I had the right reveal.

Yet she made sure to complete my kitchen design and send it to me before she left. She was reassuring and made designing the new kitchen remarkably fun!

I thought that designing a kitchen remotely would prove to be difficult. I think she was just as excited as me about the new kitchen and even asked me to send before and after pictures.

:) Thank you, All Wood, Costco and especially Brooke!!!

She asked all the right questions to make sure we would be able to install the cabinets easily ourselves. My kitchen designer, Brooke, did a great job in helping me design my dream kitchen.

The measurements were slightly different in each area and she designed the perfect solutions, providing detailed drawings and great customer service and advice along the way. She had great ideas that made wise use of my space and suggested options that would help complete the look I was after.

Several weeks went by and many conversations with a couple cabinet companies to get exactly what I wanted.

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