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— The excellent archbishop of Cambray, with eve- ry advantage which genius, learning, profession, and situation could confer; the admired pre- ceptor of the duke or Burgundy, appomted to the office by the king himself, was yet in the beautiful work which he composed for the use of his royal bupil, driven to the necessity of couching his instructions under a fictitious narrative, and of sheltering behind the veil of fa- ble, the duties of a just sovereign, and the blessings of a good government : he was aware, that even under this disguise, his delineation of both woulatoo probably be construed into a satire on tho personal errors of bis own king, and the vices of the French government, and in spite of his ingenious discretion, the event justified his apprehensions.Fortunate are tho subjects of that free and happy country who are not driven to have re- course to any such expedients ; who may, without danger, dare to express temperately what they think lawfully ; who, in describing the roost perfect form of government, instead of re- curring to poetic invention, need only delineate that under which they themselves live ; who, in sketching the character, and shadowing out the duties of a patriot king, have no occasion to turn their eyes from their own country to tho throoos of Ithaca or Salentum.The appearance of a valuable elementary work on the principles of Christianity, which has been recently published in our lanj^nage, translated from the German under the immediate patronage of an august personage, for the avowed purpose of bonofit to her illustrious daugh- ters, as it is an event highly auspicious to the general interests of religion, so is it a circum- •tance very encouraging to the present undertaking.

If, in such ca^ ses, the wants and weaknesses of human na-* ture could indeed be wholly effaced, as easi- ly as they are kept out of sight, there would at least be some reasonable plea against the charge of cruelty.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. XV— On the Dbti Bgttishinf Chanwten of Christianity, - 43 Ch:ip. The Christian Re Ui^on pccniiarly adap- ted to the Esfgeneicsof Man; and e«preialiy cal- culated to supply tba Dcftcu of Heathen Phik»* ti*phy, • " • 43 Chap. XVIU— Thouchu respectftdly stlgg c Had U Good Sort of People, - - V Chap. XXI— Expostnhiiion with the Ineouisl Mt Christian, • • Sll Chap. XXl V-Difflrulties and Advantages of tko Christian in the Worid, Chap. XXVI— Ibe es Uhlished Christian, AN ESSAY ON THE CHARACTER AND FRACn* CAL WRITINGS OF ST. II— On the Historical Writers of the Testament, Chap. Til— Saint Fhul's Prudence in his Condnat t^ ward the Jews, SSf Cliap. XVU— Saint Ihm Vt Attoiiion to infbnor Coaem^ 311 Chop. Xl V-The Concofaitionc of Prayer in Afflic- tion, sicknccsy and Death, 603 «• •.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. 1 1 1— On ihe importanee of fonniiis the Mind, 10 Cliap. XVII— The use of HUlflry In tcaehing the Choice of Fhro ut itns F l aitai| Onr Taiie Im- provtrd in the Arts of Adnlatioar- The Dangers of yiaitrry exemplified, 50 Chap. XXI— The importance of the Hoya J Eiam pitr in promoting Loyaitr-On Fhlse Patrtotisoi— Public Spirit, - - 03 Cnap. XXII— Resections of an inconsistent Chli^ tian afivr a serious perusal ofthe Bi Ue. HI— On the Enlstobiry Writers of ibo Testament, pariicularly Saint Pau L « Chap. VIII— Saint Pau Ps Judgment In Us intt» course with the Pagaas Chap. XTIII--8aint Fiol on the Rcsnnrction 3i4 d M^ XIX— Saint Panl on Priyer« I'hnnktfivinf , ■M Re Hfio Qi Joy, - 318 Chap. X— Scheme of Prayer proposed for Toung Persons, on the Model of the Lord*s Prayer, 39S Chap. HINTS TOWARDS FORMING THE CHARACTER OF A YOUNG PRINCESS.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. of Hittoriani, who were tbeai- •elves couecmcd in the tramactiowi which they record, - - 87 Chap. Page* Om^ XT— On t W Oem M of Chrwtiuiitj, m teen ia Mot P^ul, sot Chap.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. X^Refleetions on HUt Ofy—Aaok BC Usto- riai M, - • Chap. Hamtw • St Chap XII— Important i Brat of Kof Uth History^ Alfrvd-Kins; John— Henry VIL, • 34 Chap. XIV— Motal Adrantaget to be drawn flrom the Study of History, independent of the examplet it e\hibiit— It proves the Corm^io B of Human Nature— It demonstrates the taperintendi Bf powrr of Proridenee— l Uostniied by laitaneet, 38 Cbafi. XVI— An Inquiry, why some Good Sort af People ara not better. XVII— The Inquiry, why sano Good Saet if People are not better, eontini Msd, • Chap. XX— On the Inconsistency of Christiana i M Christianity, Chap. I— Introductory Remarks on the Men RCy af Pagauisro, showing the necessity of Chri Mian Mf velstion, SOS Chap. VI— The Ditbiterestedness of Saint Fiol, Sf S Chap. Paul— his Knowledge of Hunan Nature— his Otfr cacy in giving Advice or Reproof-bis I ntagi l ly L SBS 1 Chap. XVI— Saint PMl^ ictprcc for coottitnced A«tkori Ue« • • 307 Ctmp. Resttlts of Prayer, exhibited in the Life of the Christian in the World, 600 Chap.

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