Outpost not updating


They provide zone specific buffs and modify your "garrison ability." They all work like this, at the start of the quests in a zone you'll be given a choice that you can not change until level 100 (with a lot of gold).

It'll be between two buildings, each with a unique garrison ability and often a zone wide buff of some kind.

When I try to ping data-cdn.I get between 25% and 100% packet loss so I'm guessing it is server related, or very strange that it is affecting three machines. ping data-cdn.Pinging vip0x062[] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. I just started my MWB Free and it stated it was 20.11 I clicked on Update now and it ran and in under a minute was updated to 20.06 ....

He is expressing his frustration on Twitter: # # # UPDATE, a.m.: One driver has been placed in handcuffs and appears to have been arrested.It seemed to hang for a while searching but once found, update installed quickly.V20.01 I'm on the NBN and with ii Net, so possibly area/server issues ?Bystanders report that there are either four or five passengers between the two vehicles and suspect that there could be at least one fatality. Scanner traffic indicates that emergency personnel are en route.The first rule of outposts is that they have nothing to do with your garrison and they produce nothing.# # # UPDATE, a.m.: Five Eureka High students were involved in the collision and one has been killed, says the The Eureka Police Department, Humboldt Bay Fire, CHP and ambulances are on the scene.

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