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What makes spending Christmas with your family worth it is that they are your family, warts and all.

No matter how stressful it becomes, you still share a bond with a group of people that leaves you feeling rewarded when it's all over.

Before joining Wind Dancer, Payne was co-president of Persistent Entertainment with partner Matthew Rhodes. Prior to Persistent, Payne spent six years at The Steve Tisch Company as vice president working on such films as: .

He started his entertainment career as an agent trainee at the William Morris Agency, working for clients such as Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey.

He also executive produced ten episodes of the George Lopez television series on FX (2014).

Over the last few years he has sold television projects to SHOWTIME, ABC, TNT, and NBC.

But mainly because they know Everett well enough to realize that she is not the woman for him. Secondly the dialogue is a bit too movie-of-the-week.

If I were a member of this family, I'd be changing my name and moving to another state. Sure this is no classic but it is nowhere near as bleak as Scott makes it sound. The previews painted it more as a comedy than it actually is.Payne received a double major in marketing and international business from the University of Colorado's business school in Boulder, Colorado, and he grew up in the arguably infamous Paris, Texas.Payne’s philanthropic work includes raising money and volunteering for TEAM HOLE IN THE WALL and THE PAINTED TURTLE, helping send seriously ill children to summer camps around the country.Sarah Jessica Parker, in her first major endeavor since Sex and the City ended, stars as Meredith, a woman meeting her boyfriend's, Everett, family for the first time by spending Christmas with them.Meredith's personality is as tightly wound as the bun in her hair and the Stone family hates her from the beginning, with their attitude bordering on rudeness from the instant she arrives.If you think I'm giving anything away, then you obviously haven't seen the previews for this movie where all of this is spelled out in ten-foot high letters.

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