Patti reilly dating

These social situations are healthy and normal, and encourage girls to see young men as people and friends first, not just as romantic interests.

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It lays the groundwork for healthy sense of self as well as healthy relationships with others, including males, for a girl’s entire lifetime.

Last, they learn from chaperoned and parent controlled exposure in various social, academic and athletic settings.

By interacting with members of the opposite sex in casual and natural circumstances, girls learn about themselves and about the boys.

Let’s face it- there are only two options to romantic boy/girl relationships- one- they will end up in marriage. The former is far less likely to happen than the latter, especially the younger the people are who are involved.

For that reason, later dating is just a better statistical odd for healthy emotional development.

That’s the motivation of this post- to answer the people who have asked me the question of what we do.

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