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Give it a try, embed on your website, talk in small groups, enrich with videos and images from around the web, use the API to create a private protected room, easily moderate, delete messages, disconnect users, ban by IP and set your own word filter All FREE features plus private one-on-one audio & video calls, upload files, documents and presentations from computer and mobile, take selfies, send short audio & video messages. For small communities, events, and teams Includes all premium features.

For one or many rooms with large numbers of chatters.

You can store your card details securely in the My O2 Card Wallet, available on the My O2 website and the My O2 app. If your active Direct Debit is due in less than two working days, it’ll still be for the full bill amount – your extra payment will be added as credit onto your next bill instead.

For example: Call anyone in the chat room on a private call.

This feature can be set to admins only calls, or you can disable it if you do not want it active.

Upload images and files from your computer and share them with the room, or one-on-one in private chat.

Note, when you upload a pdf or a doc/excel/powerpoint file, it will show as a small icon.

Orange For video calling costs on an Orange device see our price guides page.

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