Police dating victim


After that, she told me, she resigned herself to taking it.She didn’t look at her attackers, she played along, she said she wanted to make them feel “this chick is OK, she isn’t going to call the cops.”When it was over, Taylor did everything “right.” She notified the police.Even as she was being assaulted, Taylor knew she would report this crime.“I knew I was going to fight these guys tooth and nail,” she told me.

I wanted to make sure no one was near my daughter, that no one was touching her, and I reached up and felt her face and could tell she was there, and she held my hand while they raped me repeatedly and she was watching.”“This is the part that always gets me,” Taylor tells me as she watches herself crying on screen.“I was so proud of her for just laying there and being quiet,” she tells the detective.In July 2015, Taylor broke her silence and spoke to theafter a Senate investigation released details of other sexually charged texts Le Vota sent to an intern.Two days after the story broke, Le Vota, who was by then a state senator, announced he would resign his seat.During the attack, Taylor made the men use lubricant not only “because what they were doing hurt,” she tells the detective in the taped interview, but also because she wanted their hands to be sticky to leave obvious fingerprints.At one point when one man tried to force his penis into her mouth, she protested saying her mouth was so dry — could he get her a glass of water?She tried to reestablish some normalcy, if not for herself, for her daughter.

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