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While other works spell out the results of Mula dasa, they do not show how to calculate it.This was the great strength of Varahamihira and is being shared with the world for the first time with the hope that all astrologers will work to make this a better place to live in and that all people shall understand the working of their past-life Karma.It answers some of the most basic questions in Jyotish.For example everyone has wondered as to how Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra was banished to the forest in the beginning of Saturn dasa when the Moon was in Cancer at the time of His birth (appearance in this world) and would have been over by the time He left for the forest.Rider 2: For the purposes of this Dasa, the count for Rahu & Ketu shall be reckoned to Aquarius and Scorpio respectively as is done in Narayana Dasa.In case the number of years to be subtracted and the number of years under the Vimsottari scheme are the same wherein the final figure would be zero, then take the full cycle of years under the Vimsottari dasa as the number of Moola dasa years of the said planet in the first cycle.

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Among Moon & Jupiter, the latter is exalted and shall furnish the first dasa. Thereafter, the dasa of Mars, Saturn, and the Sun placed in Kendra shall follow.Similarly, if Saturn is placed in Lagna, examine the strength of the planets in Panapara whereas if Ketu is placed in Lagna examine the strength of planets in Apoklimas.If both Saturn & Ketu are present, see their degrees and the one with a higher longitude shall decide whether the dasa of the planets in Panapara (Saturn) or Apoklimas (Ketu) shall follow.After completing the periods of the planets in the quadrants, the dasa shifts to the planets in the four signs in the Panapara and then to the Apoklimas.However, the following rules apply in deciding which sets of houses – the Panapara or Apoklimas succeed the initial dasa of the planets in the quadrants.Here the word “MOOLA” is short for “MOOLATRIKONA” and the importance of this we shall see later in deriving the period of the dasa.

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