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In Portugal it is not common to find university campus, since the buildings are scattered throughout the cities.

When the university campus is confined to a specific space, it makes the students more vulnerable and therefore the number of victims of different types of violence increases.

Social media has taken over people’s lives, so it is a natural extension to make new friends online.What’s the alternative, hang around in a bar looking single?” Whilst there are still many “traditional” ways to meet, such as at work, volunteering, clubs, inviting out acquaintances etc., these people are not necessarily available for a more intimate relationship and our busy lives make it difficult to meet likeminded people or to have the time to develop friendships.This seems to be the reaction of many people and yet more and more single people do make friends or find love online.One male friend explained: “Maybe there’s a lot of stigma still held by a tiny minority, but I think you’ll find that everybody else has been doing it for a long time.The victims, more than anyone else, should instill reaction in society to modify its values and principles and to come up with solutions.

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