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Doing this twice will allow you to to unlock the Ninja Step skill, which makes you very silent.

It is also recommended to scan the entire area with your camera first so you can see the progress of the animal when you free it.

When you jump out of the plane, you will have a wingsuit equipped.

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During a story mission several hours into the game, you will ride in an airplane.

This is a reference to the AMC TV show Breaking Bad, which takes place in New Mexico.

It is about a terminally ill school teacher who cooks his own brand of blue crystal meth.

You can either shoot the animal while it is chasing you or stab it while it is latched onto you.

Easy "Improper Use" trophy Get the Repair Tool from a weapon locker or general store.

Run around the area until you are attacked by a predator, and then kill it to get the "Hunter Hunted" trophy.

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