Pua tips for speed dating

And even if you don’t, then you should read it anyway. I blamed women a lot – for the pain, the frustration, and the embarrassment. Obviously, this kind of attitude is never going to help you attract truly high quality women so if this is what you’re feeling and want to change it, you need to read this post. I’ve looked in her eyes, opened my heart and shared how I felt, and been left with nothing but a cold and unforgiving stare.“Hi” you announce with a warm smile when she gets within hearing distance. And not the current ‘you’, but the new version of you. Now contrast this with how you live your life now and how that could leave you dependent on women to feel good. You depend on women to feel strong, worthy, valuable, and powerful, and then get left feeling empty and alone when they don’t want to be part of your life. The reason it’s the worst is because it puts everything back on your shoulders. Taking full ownership of a situation gives you the power to change the situation to whatever you want it to be.

There are 8 steps towards the end that you can implement straight away and see massive gains in no time at all. Until one particularly introspective day, I asked myself a very important question: “Why? There were plenty of other guys that weren’t being ignored, why was I being ignored. There were plenty of other guys that weren’t being rejected. There were plenty of other guys not being laughed at. The obvious truth was more painful than the lack of attention, rejection, and laughter combined.For instance a man in his mid-thirties has the beneficial effect of being attractive to the broadest possible demographic of women, he has had a decade or two to mature, improve and build himself up.Yet, time has not yet done much damage to his appearance and he has hopefully regained some of his faculties after being dominated by the little head since puberty.Ruin the story One of the ways you’ve been making other people responsible for your happiness is by telling them stories about yourself. If you’re just doing something because other people have told you it’s the right thing to do, then it’s never going to be intrinsically rewarding. You will not become more satisfied and fulfilled by having all this information and sitting on your arse. And because it’s all your fault, you have the power to change it. If you’re lost, scared, or simply don’t know where to start, then you can get help.You’ve been telling them you’re cool / interesting / fun / exciting by selectively including and withholding information about yourself. It’s always going to be less than what you’re looking for. Instead of focussing on everything you’re going to have to do that you don’t want to do when you crawl out of bed, ask yourself ‘What is one thing I need to do today to feel fulfilled and satisfied with my day? Instead of just wasting your time away, filling in the blanks with mind numbing distractions such as TV and surfing the internet, ask yourself ‘What could I do, right now, that would help me feel fulfilled and satisfied? Get Real is a proven, 5 week program designed specifically to help you take complete control of your reality and become the attractive, confident, interesting Man that women naturally desire.When you combine these with the other self awareness exercises and tools on this blog, you’re going to see huge differences to your life.

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