Purdue dating

As indicated by the name, people are encouraged to smile and say hello to everyone they meet along the way.

Students gather sleds, snowboards, and other less conventional sledding gear for a much needed break from studying.

Boilermaker Special The locomotive design of Purdue's official mascot celebrates the University's renowned engineering programs.

The first Boilermaker Special was presented in September 1940 and has been used to announce campus events ever since. Fountain Runs Students often begin and end their time at Purdue with a run through either of the West Lafayette campus's fountains.

The event has been raising money for student scholarships since it began in 1958."Hail Purdue!

"While University events are the most likely place for Boilermakers to join in a chorus of Purdue's official fight song, it's not uncommon to hear it somewhere on campus every day.

This video highlights the redesigned navigation that allows easy access to important links such as course Grades, Calendar, and the Support links.

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