Queued updating

The term generally refers to manually operated switching equipment as opposed to computer operated switching. Internal Assessment of the call quality delivered to callers.Generally based upon scoring forms completed during call monitoring.An example would be when a caller is waiting and hears 'Your call is important to us.Please remain on the line, and your call will be answered by the next available agent'.

Having finally started to put them down on paper we thought that including them here would serve two purposes; first to provide a reference guide to our reader’s and second to gain feedback regarding what other terms should be included in this list.

A call can only get one First RAN treatment and one peg against the 1ST RAN amount.

Each time that a call receives second RAN treatment, it is pegged against 2ND RAN amount.

IVRs are used in applications such as "bank by phone" or "check on my order" which not only distributes information but collects transaction information as well. The most critical measures of performance in any organization, typically productivity measures.

Monitoring The practice of listening to agents' telephone calls to assess the quality with which the call is handled. May be silent, announced, side-by-side, or recorded for later review. An incoming ACD call is counted as abandoned when the caller hangs up before the call is answered by an agent or before the call is routed off-site.

Calls that abandon while in the Timed Overflow (TOF) queue are counted against the ACD queue that initiated the overflow. The amount of time an employee is occupied with an incoming contact.

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