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"There has always been the issue of far-right people being drawn to the Bundeswehr - that is a problem that needs to be rooted out, no question," he said."But I fail to see a systematic, deeply-rooted, anti-democratic, right-wing network within the Bundeswehr." Instead, he argues that there has been a "hyper-sensitivity" to the issue following the revelations, "both in the media and from von der Leyen herself, which amplifies the problem." "That is not how the Bundeswehr are used to being led," Schulte told DW.The Defense Ministry itself revealed in April that the MAD was currently investigating 275 soldiers suspected of carrying out "far-right actions" - which usually means spreading neo-Nazi propaganda or posting far-right comments on social media.Several were reported for giving a Hitler salute or shouting "Sieg Heil!"The ideal of military leadership is to lead from the front - if you make a mistake, own it, and learn from it.

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"For me the Bundeswehr is so riddled with nationalist-conservative, racist people that it seems a little ridiculous that everyone is suddenly pretending this is something new," he said.

In particular, Franco A.'s Master's thesis is said to have included obvious far-right ideology.

"Both were on the radar, both had been noticed, and with both [the authorities] ignored it," commented Rainer Arnold, chairman of the parliamentary defense committee and a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Not only were the two lieutenants, of the Illkirch barracks, situated in France, able to go un-investigated for a considerable time (the pair were only uncovered in February, when Franco A.

was caught hiding a gun in a toilet at Vienna airport, Austria), they were able to steal and horde ammunition from Bundeswehr stock, which was found in the apartment of the third suspect and apparent accomplice, Mathias F., a student from Offenbach.

() Investigations into a far-right terror plot in the Bundeswehr have led to another arrest, officials said. and compiling a "hit list" which included the justice minister.

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