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I’m going to let this experience be.’” Obviously, everyone was expecting Ramona to complain the entire time, but apparently that’s not what happened.Ramona admitted, “I tried to keep a very open mind.

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She’s all about keeping it real and moving it forward. When asked who Tinsley gets along with best on the show, Sonja said, “Carole and her funny enough.

Carole was feeling like she was in the shadow of Bethenny.” Which is one hundred percent accurate.

I never really understood how an accredited university was on board with this scenario, but I was always entertained by it. Once I was after the Chapter 11 reorganization I had the bank accounts back- I can’t. It’s exhausting to be side by side with a student all day.

Sonja explained, “I really enjoyed my experiences with the interns. You have to check their work and critique.”For the record, it was also mentioned that Sonja now has an assistant who hasn’t appeared on camera and I assume this person is paid. Then again, I would be in Sonja Morgan’s presence for free so I’m really the wrong person to comment on this.

This Real Housewives of New York season has been a tough one for me to watch.

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