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It is also a little selfish because I also really want to hear your comments! The parties, the balloons, the cake, the presents, the attention.

There is really no end to what traditions you can do with your children to remind them of the special gift that their life is-- especially when you turn to the Lord for ideas. what special birthday traditions does your family have that help remind you of the beauty and joy of each person's life?

I have no doubt that she knew that she was loved and treasured.

I thought of a few more traditions that could be done to focus on the spiritual aspects of a birthday and truly honor the life of a child.

Their birthdays have become very special days for me and I see the purpose of celebrating a birthday so much differently than I did before.

It has made me yearn for some birthday traditions that focus a bit more on the special and spiritual significance of the day rather than just the cake, presents and balloons.

If you feel the need to leave a very long comment I have included a linky at the bottom so you can share your own posts about birthday traditions (which I would LOVE to read) or you can still link to your own Five Thing for Friday post!

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