Referenced dlls not updating


However, I doubt that there's anything I can use, because the two critical features I need for improving the GF2 path are either doubling the result of the framebuffer blend or another texture stage, both of which are doubtful.

My daily commute takes me across the San Mateo Bridge.

If you have extra shifter or ALU bandwidth you can attack this by replacing , but you can't do this when the compiler is generating code from intrinsics.

And before you say that performance doesn't matter so much, remember that the purpose of those intrinsics is so that you can optimize hotspots using CPU-specific optimizations. This all only pertains to the Microsoft Visual C compiler, and as it turns out, the Intel C/C Compiler generates much better MMX and SSE2 code. As it stands right now, though, I still have to use Visual C , and that means I'm still going to have to hand-roll a lot of assembly code for performance.

Some do that and have unused space betweeen the Cr and Cb planes (weird). And a few simply don't support it (lame but pragmatic). Unfortunately, no one seems to have bothered to ever define the YV12 format properly in this regard, and thus we have massive confusion.

First, I finally fixed the FAQ link from the program, and also updated the knowledge base for known bugs in 1.5.10.

NET Framework, which currently doesn't work under WOW32. VC6, with the pre-release VC8 compiler from the Windows Server 2003 DDK.

This is a bit clumsy since the VC6 debugger doesn't understand VC7 debug info, and certainly can't debug a 64-bit app, so I have to use the beta AMD64 Win Dbg instead, but at least I have the AMD64 build in the same project file as the 32-bit build.

As we will see, this is rather important on the lower-end 3D cards.Coming back from the Peninsula there is a sign that says: "Emergency parking: 1/4 mile." Several people suggested disable the frame pointer omission (FPO) optimization and prevent inlining, but it also doesn't stop the compiler from using spill space if it needs to — which means you basically have to set up a stack frame anyway.I've been trying for some time to get YV12 support working perfectly, but at this point it looks like a wash.Now, how many different problems did I encounter implementing this?Let's start with the most powerful cards and work down: You might be wondering why I'm using Direct3D instead of Open GL.The code has shipped and is in 1.5.10, but is hard-coded off in .

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