Regina spektor is dating


I’m going to be honest, sometimes, when it’s nearing darkness and the evening hours seem to stretch on endlessly, I wish I had another person there to share in my thoughts of grandeur.

That’s how I came to the conclusion that above anything else -- looks, charm, humor, romance -- I want a man who will enliven me.

He’s the guy who won’t think twice about staying out late on a night of adventure even when there’s work in the morning.

He’s the one who says “let’s do it” instead of “let’s see.”Think about it: There’s a reason artists fall in love with their muses.

Petty, 66, was found unconscious and not breathing at his home in Malibu, California on Sunday.

It’s days like this when I’m trapped inside, indulging in my own fun (painting my nails while my hair soaks in a hair masque), that my mind wanders to what I’d be doing if I weren’t stuck home.

Petty’s best known for his time with the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

The singer, who sold over 80 million records in his lifetime, recently ended a nationwide tour with its last stop being at the Hollywood Bowl last Monday.

when did chris brown and karrueche tran start dating.

Legendary musician Tom Petty is “clinging to life” after he was found in “full cardiac arrest,” TMZ reported Monday.

They build you up and make you strive to be your best self.

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