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In other situations graffiti artists will use a site that has been tagged several times.A site is deemed safe to paint over once it has been covered in tags.Graffiti Enforcement Officer for Auckland City Police, Reginald Alofa, said that he was aware that “’proper graffiti artists’” were different to taggers.“They see it as a real art form and that they do in fact commit quite a bit of resources into it in terms of their time, the purchases of paint and brush not to mention spray cans and all other neccessary 'tools of the trade'.They are quite passionate about it and seem to draw a lot of enjoyment from it,” he said.In Auckland legal street art is actually an oxymoron as there are no officially designated sites.


Creative New Zealand was unaware of any similar schemes in the Auckland area.

Sara Tamati, aka Spexone, is a member of the Triple S crew in Wellington.

She said that the police there often refer young people, who have been caught tagging, to the Triple S crew to learn more about the writing culture.

Normally I leave the LOLHATCHETBASHING to my peers and focus on things more universally recognized as awesome. But after reading Andrew's post and the Hatchet article with the a headline that may or may not be real English (seriously, cannot tell) I thought I would follow up and talk about data. I had a bunch of questions that certainly would have illuminated the debate, solved the problem, and brought free chili to someone other than Bill Cosby at Ben's. Reading the Hatchet article whose headline insinuates that the mean height for intelligent people is decreasing I got trapped in a quote from GW professor Margaret Soltan Margaret Soltan, an English professor who blogs on higher education, said the University is failing to attract, or failing to keep, the best students who apply to GW."If GW has (the money), it should certainly spend like a drunken sailor on scholarships for our best students," Soltan said. Despite the hilarious amount of content on the site it is all really, really strong.

I had this whole idea about talking about how many National Merit kids GW used to have. I'm not even sure that the metaphor is necessarily appropriate (doesn't a drunken sailor spend money foolishly? I think it's that they do so frivolously) but it remains AWESOME (like cranes (no duh)). The site slaps you in the face with a) a horrifyingly abrasive layout b) a lot of De Lillo mentions and c) a picture of James Joyce. It rapidly jumps between insightful, vicious, and hilarious.

The site essentially serves as a critique on university life, her personal life, and teaching.

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