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Collections can be used to deploy Software, Operating Systems, Task Sequences or settings to these managed groups.Basics covered, we all now know what a collection is and what it’s for.

Speaking SQL it will execute a stored procedure on the database which will rebuild the view for that specific collection. The SCCM Config Mgr 2012 R2 tool kit has been released last week.It contains some awesome tools which help SCCM admin to perform day to day activities and troubleshooting with lot of ease.The default value in Config Mgr 2012 R2 is 5 minutes. Machines just wouldn’t pick up any deployments, even after a week of waiting. They were using AD Security groups as targets for their Software Deployments. The threshold is about 200 collections in your hierarchy.The exact number depends on the following factors: Hierarchy here means that if you have a CAS and several primaries then those 200 collections is a TOTAL over all your sites. Nothing you can directly trigger in any way, but during your collection design this is something you should definitely keep in mind!Imagine that happening in your uber large environment with hundreds of collections with complex queries and such.

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