Schizophrenia and online dating


Read my Bruni in the City: The Dating Game newspaper article on my website about my own experiences lately and my Top 10 Tips for a Successful First Date.

I once bought white dessert plates with a fortune cookie design on them out of which a fortune greeted you.

It would be a heartbreak for me to date a guy with SZ or BP who refused to take medication.

Would I have the ability to take on the role of actively managing someone else’s illness full-time, in addition to mine?

Instead of saying, “I’m a writer and librarian,” I would say, “I uplift and inspire people to change their lives for the better.” Give the person you’re meeting your Complete Focus, that is, ask him or her open-ended questions and get the person talking about his or her life and passions, instead of running on and on about your own life and making the focus all about you. Be kind and generous to the people you meet, whether it’s on a date or at an event.

In the book I read, the author described how a woman wearing a beautiful necklace was in the receiving line to speak with a political figure.

The fortune I take to heart is "Love is Worth the Risk." Another fortune boasts “Suppose You Get What You Want.” Life involves taking risks, and recovery is no different. I submit that taking the risk to live in love and to risk rejection is the only healthy thing to do.

This helps you not get clouded by the “love hormone” or oxytocin, that makes you keep a guy around who you’re sleeping with who is undesirable or actually toxic.

As it got to be her turn, the esteemed woman said she loved the necklace, and the unknown woman took it off her neck and gave it to the politician.

This instantly impressed the public figure who introduced the other woman to influential people.

(These are only links; Health Central doesn’t endorse them or vouch for them.) As always, exchange phone numbers only after you’ve talked online or via e-mails securely and long enough to get an idea of whether you want to go further. Women: carry a cell phone and enough money for a cab home should you have to cut the date short because the other person isn’t on the level.

Note: every dating advice book I’ve read will tell you to use a condom and not have sex until you’ve qualified that the other person is the one you want to commit to.

The odds are OK that a guy would want to date you or me if we were in treatment. It’s only fair that a guy wouldn’t want to date a woman who didn’t take responsibility for her own health. Be authentic and own up to the idea that we’re all vulnerable as human beings.

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