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The popular app Yik Yak bore witness to a vicious storm between those disgusted with the alleged groups behaviour and those defending the reputation of Ag Science students.First year student, Sarah (who requested her surname be withheld) outlined her understanding of the group chat as operating “with around 200 Ag Science lads involved, all from different years, where they shared stories about girls they had sex with, shared the girls’ nudes, and then posted the girls’ facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of 10.” Another online poster proportining to be a student involved in the group chat defended the members, ‘as an Ag lad who’s in most of the groups, I have to say we’re not all the same…A German politician is under investigation for allegedly circulating a photo of Adolf Hitler and pleading for the Nazi leader’s return. “I distance myself from right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism,” Ms Roon added.Elena Roon, the Alternative for Germany’s (Af D) regional chair and parliamentary candidate in Nuremberg, is accused of sharing the image with fellow members of the populist party in a Whats App chat. The controversy comes as the Af D moves to expel its leader in the region of Thuringia, after he provoked outrage in Germany for calling the Berlin Holocaust memorial a “monument of shame”.The anonymity of platforms like Yik Yak unfortunately enables this unchecked degree of such online abuse.

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“Trying to brand all the ags with a bad name when they’re really the same as every other single lads group chat…” Sarah’s own criticism of the group chat’s actions were met with responses such as “Fuck off you pleb” and “you can go fuck yourself you presumptuous bitch”.

Many people just brush it off as ‘lads being lads’ as well, when these are legal adults we’re talking about who should be held accountable for their bad behaviour just like anyone else.” Marcus O’Halloran came out strongly last spring after revelations of his own participation in the group ‘Girls I’d shift if I was tipsy’ and claimed that he would tackle lad culture in UCD as SU President.

When asked if he had any prior knowledge of this current controversial group existing he stated, “I have no knowledge of their existence.

If I had any evidence, I would forward it to the relevant college authorities …

and An Garda Síochána if such reports and sources implicated UCD students in ‘revenge porn’”.

Most of the guys on the group don’t even partake in what’s happening!

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