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They had looked at a couple of houses like this one, built in the 19th century with a large yard.While Ellie had fallen in love, Jake kept reminding her that old houses like this needed a lot of care, which with their jobs they couldn't do.

Ellie had been very tight-lipped and very professional about her divorce.Turning to Mc Gee, who was trying his best to appear busy, Gibbs and Tony each shot him a questioning look.Mc Gee shrugged and said, "the divorce has hit a rough spot."You should know, we're treating this as a double murder and a kidnapping," the cop informed them, leading them up the stairs of the house. "My guys did a sweep of the house and they couldn't find any trace of her.We believe that the little girl's father, Gregory Collins took the girl after murdering the victims," he elaborated. Kedzierski died as a result of blunt force trauma to the back of his head," Ducky replied.Her cell phone was pressed to her ear and catching sight of the two men she flushed with irritation before picking up the papers scattered on her desk.

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